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CCIQ Training is a world-class, easy-to-use video training platform that lets you meet your employer responsibilities and build great teams.

It’s a learning management system built and priced for small business.

Remember, you’re guilty til proven innocent!

“When a workplace problem gets to court, the law often says the boss has to prove they had a plan in place to prevent the damage. 9 out of 10 issues wouldn’t be issues at all if businesses invested in basic training.”

Jason Wales, Senior HR Advisor.


Draw from our catalogue of 80 video courses, or put your staff through our “Essential 5” training.

What is CCIQ Training?

Most people risks can be mitigated by giving employees training in five key areas: ESSENTIAL 5 ($125 per trainee) Workplace Health & Safety
Bullying, Harassment & Discrimination
Drug & Alcohol Awareness
Social Media
Ethical Behaviour in the Workplace

Mark Curran - Kaden Boriss - Ask an expert
“We see the costs of an employee claim on employers’ time, reputation and profit.
We have reviewed and fully endorse CCIQ’s Essential 5 training program and encourage all employers to use it.” –

Mark Curran, Kaden Boriss Legal

CCIQ Training Courses Download the CCIQ Training course list or view sample videos.

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Features Simply click and drag from our catalogue of 80 high-quality
video courses to build individual or team training programs.

Our videos are sometimes humorous, and always
interesting. It's all real-life footage, which is proven to hold viewers' attention for longer.

No need for instructions or guides. If your staff can click a mouse, they can do our training.

Built-in ID verification and assessments mean employees who do the wrong
thing can’t claim they weren’t trained or didn’t know.

Our platform is cloud-hosted, so there's no need for IT activity or approvals.
Just open a browser and go.

Set permissions so managers can see who has and hasn't completed allocated modules.


The sobering facts

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Bullying in the workplace

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Starting on the right foot

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“Staff actually enjoy this training. They even watch some videos twice!”

“It’s like a weight has been lifted off our shoulders.”

“Our safety incidents have almost halved.”